This kshethra belonged to the seniormost lady member of the Sreevallabhavamsam. However, after the land legislation by the Kerala government it was not possible for the Thampuratty to manage the expenditure of the temple. Hence the management has been handed over to a committee of local people, which is managing the temple very well. The committee has a novel way of running the temple.The temple has some land on the side of the Kozhikode–Palghat road. The committee has leased the lands for building shops and is now collecting rent adequate to pay salaries for the employees. The temple has also other incomes like annuity and donations from wellwishers.

The temple, about 2000 years old according to prasna (the oracle), has a round Sreekovil. The centre of the ceiling had damaged and was leaking during the rainy season. A number of carpenters were consulted and all of them expressed their inability to repair the ceiling. They did not know the calculations required to cut pieces of wood and join them at the top of the conical construction.The president of the committee stated that they even consulted Kanipayyur Parameswaran Namboodri (nephew of Kanipayyur Sankaran Namboodri and cousin brother of the now famous Vasthu consultant of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Kanipayyur Krishnan Namboodiri). Finally they decided to put up a thin concrete layer on top of the ceiling to avoid leakages during rainy season.

The main Deities are Siva, Durga, Thirumandhamkunnil Bhagavathy & Ganesha.

The offerings copied from the notice board (not exhaustive) are given below

Kootu Ganapathy homam 

   70 Rupees


    25 Rupees

Nalikera payasam   

    25 Rupees

 Kadhina payasam   

    35 Rupees

 Koottu Payasam  

    250 Rupees


     25  Rupees

 Nei appam   

    30  Rupees

 Sandhya Namaskaram  

    50  Rupees


    50 Rupees

 Mruthyunjaya homam  

     125  Rupees


     250 Rupees

 Uma maheswara pooja

    100 Rupees


    50 Rupees

 Oru nerathe pooja  (one pooja)

    50 Rupees

 Oru divasa pooja (one day's pooja) 

     101 Rupees

Laxminarayana pooja  

    100 Rupees

 Rudra dhara    

    50  Rupees

 Kalam pattu   

    1300 Rupees

The thanthri of the temple is Untladi Divakaran Namboodiri.

Send offerings to Manager, Arangot Siva Kshetram, Kuruva, Malappuram Dt, Kerala

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