This temple stands adjacent to the Vayilyakunnilappan Temple and is also on a hill. On the north side are a large number of steps taking you down to the fields. The steps are so broad so that about three elephants can simultaneously move down these steps during festivals.

It is said the temple was constructed  in the 15th century by some merchant Chettiars who were visiting the Thirumandhamkunnu Temple during pooram days and were staunch devotees of Bhadrakali.

The entire temple and the deities are a replica of Thirumandhamkunnu Temple including the Sapthamathrukkal. The location of Siva and the mandapam on its east are all identical to Thirumandhamkunnu Temple. All the poojas, rituals and offerings are all as done in Thirumandhamkunnu Temple.

For further details about the temple please contact the Manager, Thiruvazhiyode Thirumandhamkunnu Temple, post Thiruvazhiyodu, near Kongad, Palghat District, Kerala.

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