The Melethrikovil Temple is located on the banks of a river (a tributary of Bharathapuzha) and is about 100 feet above its waterlevel, while the Kizhethrikovil temple is below, very near the water level. Looking from the Melethrikovil temple down to the river and the temple below is an awe-inspiring sight.
There are steps made of granite between the two temples and to the river.

One Vishnu Nambiathiri was a chieftain of Valluvakonathiri and a great devotee. It is said that he was an expert Kalari Abhyasi(Gymnast), that he could jump from one bank of the river to the other bank. He renovated both the temples and these were famous temples in those days.Being a chieftain of Valluvakonathiri (,Samoothiri Raja of Kozhikode)considered him to be a dangerous enemy and wanted to eliminate him by hook or crook. It is said that Samoothiri bribed his wife and got him Poisoned.

1. Payyampilly Namboodiri
2. Perumpally Namboodiri
3. Narayana Mangalam
4. Kataykotil Mana Namboodiri

Thanthri -
Motappilappally Namboodiri (Melethrikkovil)
Kattila Mittam (Kizhethrikkovil)


Both the temples are about 2000 years old according to the manager..

Melethrikovil:-  Siva, Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathi.
Kizhethrikovil:- Siva, Vishnu, Ayyappa


On Makaram 10 (near 24 January) Kalampaattu starts (Koora i.e. the red pattuCloth, is hoisted by Kurup over the kalam). Depending on the number of Kalampaattu, the date of Chittuthalapoli varies.
On the days of the kalam paattu food is served at the agrasala (a big hall)of the temple. The manager says that all people in the neighbourhood come to eat on these days. However, he says that people seldom come to pray.
Vilakku vechu pooja:
(puja in front of lighted lamps in front of each individual lady)About 100 to 200 ladies assemble for this function.
Niramala (Garlands filling a major portion of the Deity)
Namajapa Prasadam -:(Loud repitition of God's names by a large no of devotees)conducted once in a month.
Mandalavilakku (Festival for Ayyappa)
Chandanam charthal (Vishnu's face fully covered by Sandal paste and and an artistic facial feature created )
Prathishta Dinam – (Day of installation) Itava masam makiryam(June).
Bhajanam –(Devotional songs by a number of devotees in unison) first Monday of every month

Earlier, the temple had plenty of property and also reared a few elephants. Now the temple has about three acres of property only and is dependent on public donations. The manager says he does get public offerings. His complaint is that there are very few visitors to the temple even though the location is extremely Scenic and beautiful. About half a km of road near the temple is not motorable and there is no other way but to walk that distance.Since any Panchayath in Kerala may not be interested it is hoped that some rich Hindu may undertake the construcion of a good road here with the permission of the Panchayat.

For sending offerings and to get any information about this temple please write to

Methrikovil Devaswam,
Post Patinhattu muri,
Mankada Pallipuram,
Malappuram District, Kerala

Location of the temple: About 6 km from Manjeri on the Manjeri- Perinthalmanna road is Mankada Pallipuram. A road to the right about4 km takes you to a junction about 1km from the temple .. You have to turn right again at this place and proceed about ½ a km from this place and beyond you have to walk the distance. It will be very convenient if you keep the auto or taxi waiting for you till you return. You can reach the place from Koottilangadi also which is about 3km from Malappuram and then turn left on this road. Autorikshaws are available from both the places ie From Kootilangadi as well as Mankada Pallipuram.

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