A temple for Sree Rama is very rare in these parts. One other temple nearest is at Thriprayar, about 30 km from Guruvayur.

The legend about this temple is as follows:-
A north Indian Brahmin was carrying this idol along with him (Ishta devatha) while  on a Thirtha yathra (pilgrimage). The idol was a special one that he had collected from Nepal. On the way, he passed Vadakkedath Illam at Ramapuram in the present Malappuram District. When he reached the illam (a Namboothiri house), there were no male members at the illam. All had gone to a nearby temple for Varam. (Feast at the temple for Bhramins). He told the inmates that he was going to leave the idol at the illam and go and meet the male members of the illam at the temple. He also instructed the lady members that under no circumstance should they give any Naivedyam(food) to the Deity. He then left for the nearby temple.

The young Antharjanams (Namboodri girls) were very mischievous. They prepared palpayasam (milk porridge) and offered it to the Deity. When the Brahmin pilgrim returned, he found that the idol had stuck to the floor there, and could not be moved. He had no alternative but to leave the Deity there and proceed on his pilgrimage. He felt so upset at having to proceed without his Ishtadevatha, , that he fell from a stone bridge and died there.( According to legent)

The people built a Sree Rama temple near the spot. The area was an injakad (forest of thick shrubs whose bark is used for cleaning the body). A mirror was also installed in a corner of the temple to honour the memory of the Brahmin who died on that spot.( Since it is a Brahmin who died under an accident, it is called a deity of the Brahma Rakshas).

The temple for Sree Rama became very famous and temples came up in the neighbourhood within a kilometre or two for his brothers Bharatha, Laxmana and Shatrughna. A temple also came up for Seetha Devi. All the structures of these temples are still in existance. It is said that in all Hindu houses(Non Muslim,non Christian ) in that village and neighbourhood, at least one child is named Rama. Valluvakonathiri (the king at that time) asked 12 Namboodri families to come and settle at Ramapuram giving them land for their upkeep.

The trustees of these temples are Vadakkedath Bhattathiri and Thekkedath Bhattathiri. The trusteeship rotates every six months.

There is Sastha as Upadevatha at this temple. However it is not the Deity of Ayyappaswamy. This Deity is that of a married god with two wives.

For more details of the temple, please write to: Manager, Ramapuram  Sreerama Temple, Ramapuram, Malappuram Dt, Kerala.

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