(Narasimha is Vishnu in the form with face and limbs like Lion and the rest human taken to kill Hiranya Kasipu, a Rakshasa autocrat king,who was prepared to kill even his one and only son who was a devotee and refused to recite his name instead of God's names). This temple is in the same compound as the Sree Rama templebut managed by a separate trustee, a Nayar Tarawad nearby.

The temple has a round Sreekovil. It is very old (about 1000 years). The round Sreekovil’s walls are built of laterite stones, which is very rare in India. The stones are cut into shape and put in position without any binding material and it has withstood the rainy weather of Kerala well.The temple had some landed properties and after the land legislation the temple became poor. The annuity the temple gets from the government is also inadequate.Added to this there were rumours that the trustee had mismanaged the properties. Some people in the neighbourhood complained about the trustee and the Devaswam board took preliminary action to take over the temple or hand it over to an elected body. (It is not known who will elect the committee).

For further information please write to the Manager, Narasimhamoorthy temple, Ramapuram, Malappuram District, Kerala.

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