This is also a very old temple lying in ruins. Recently people in the neighbourhood renovated the temple.

The history of the temple is as follows. Valluvakkonathiri had a chieftain named Eranthodath Panicker, perhaps one who was a Chaver (soldier in a suicide squad) in his small army. The management of the temple was entrusted to him. The temple was also under the overall supervision of the Thirumandhamkunnu Temple.

The speciality of the temple is that its round Sreekovil is made of huge laterite stones (30”, 15”, 8”) which shows the temple is more than 1500 years old.Laterite stones of this size are very rare.When taken for renovation, the Sivalinga was intact, the walls around were slightly broken and the roof was fully damaged. The walls and ceiling are now completed with concrete and the shape is restored.

One Mr Sukumaran Nair, who lives nearby, takes an active interest in the temple. He says he never had any illness after he started taking interest in the temple (not even an ordinary cold)

One Muslim neighbour found a Sivalingam in his compound and reported the same to Sukumaran Nair. He consulted the Thanthri of Thirumandhamkunnu Temple (Panthalakodath Namboothiri whose illam is about 1 km from this temple) and as per his direction this new Sivalinga was installed by the side of the old sanctum sanctorum and a new Sreekovil was built around the deity. He says one pooja is conducted daily at the temple.

However, the annual pooram is conducted elaborately using contributions from the public. ( Sree Nair said it will be a good act of Thirumandhamkunnil temple administration if this temple is taken under its wing).

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