This is an ancient temple with a round Sreecovil. The arithmetic of erecting the conical roof made of wood and tiles is very complicated for a round sreecovil and perhaps built by Perumthachan or his desciple.

Many old temples, after they are damaged, convert the roof to concrete. It is said that originally this calculation was known only to Perumthachan (one of the 12 divine sons of Vararuchi (a Namboodri) and a Paraya lady) and many of these temples were actually made under the supervision of Perumthachan. Others have learnt from Perumthachan.

The deity was brought from Panthalur( a temple on the hill nearby) to this temple, which was, according to one school of thought, the original capital of Valluvakonathiri, the king of Valluvanad. No prasna has been conducted to learn the date of installation of the original temple. Some people say that long back, the temple had vast lands and the land between the house of the Trustee and the temple which is about half a km, all belonged to the temple.

The covilakam of the trustees, ie, Kadannamanna Covilakam building, is itself a very ancient building. Even now you can see one building whose walls are of laterite stone, and whose sides are cut with such precision that no binding material has been used between stones. This building will be about 500 years old. The temple will also be atleast 1000 years old.

The thanthri of this temple is Narayanath Namboodri. The temple is located at Kadannamanna village and is accessible by a motorable road and is about 1.5 km from Mankada. About 8km from Angadipuram on the Perithalmanna Manjeri road you will reach Kadannamanna. There is a small tarred road on the left side and on this road at about half a km you will reach an ancient Tarwad (Kadannamanna Covilakam ) belonging to the Valluvakonathiri Vamsam. On the left there is a dirt road and about 1/3 km from there you will see the temple. 

For details of offerings and donations, please contact:
The Manager,
Thekkineadath Temple,
Kadannamanna, P.O. Mankada,
Malappuram District Kerala-679324.

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