This is a temple under the control of Thirumandhamkunnu Devaswam. A poojari is appointed by the Thirumandhamkunnu Temple. The salary given to him is just Rs 300 per month. However, the Kadannamanna Covilakam adds a sum to this salary and in return he does pooja at Thekkineadam also. The devotees who visit also add to his income.

This temple has a round Sreekovil and is more than 1000 years old. The Valia Varikallu at the entrance to the temple is showing cracks  due to rain and sun, not having a cover over it.

The temple has certain specialities
1. For pujas to Durga the drumbeat is to be at a low level.
2. The public say that any house built in line and in front of Durga won't last.

The thanthri of this temple is Madappilappilli Namboodri.

The main offerings are:
1. Mahapayasam – ( The recipe of this payasam is ¼ kilo rice, 1 kilo ghee, and 7 kilo of jaggery (gur) }
2. Niramala (Garlands covering almost full of the Deity and part of Sreekovil)
3 . Varam(feeding Bhrahmins)

The location of this temple is near Thekkiniedath Temple and touches Kadannamanna Covilakam on the right side.

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